Contap Social

Where your event networking begins.

With Contap Events, you can create, host, and manage events for free. You'll get a world-class event platform with detailed in-event analytics. Attendees get Contap's core networking features plus event updates and sponsor offers, while sponsors get a clear ROI from measurable visibility and attendee engagement!

Empowered Organizers

Contap provides valuable insights and analytics on every event. Our mobile-first experience keeps you in the know and in control of your events at all times.

You get it all for free!

Happy Sponsors

Your sponsors help make the event happen, so we help you add more value for them by driving deeper engagement and a greater ROI for them.

Our sponsor analytics prove the value.

Loyal Attendees

Attendees get a reusable networking app, complete with CRM integration, prompted follow ups, and the ability to access event guest lists at anytime.

Better app experiences retain attendees!

Auto Check-in

Long lines at check-in slow attendees down and create a bottleneck.

Contap's Auto Check-in checks attendees in as they enter the space. and displays a big green check so they can move quickly through your check-in.

Post-event Surveys

Organizers want to know what their attendees thought of the event and if they intend to come back.

Push notification surveys have a 10x greater response rate response rate than emailed surveys.

In-Event Chat

Attendees always want to get a jump-start on networking and building relationships with others.

Contap puts them in the drivers seat with live in-event chat before, during, and after the event.

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Your job is tough and no one looks out for you, your sponsors and your attendees like Contap Social. Find out why our organizers love us below!

  • Networking analytics

    We deliver detailed information on every part of your event, to your inbox immediately after the event. Plus, pull analytics reports anytime!

  • Sponsor engagement

    Sponsors are demanding to understand the type of return (value) they gained from their marketing spend at events. Fortunately for you, Contap has the proof.

  • Simply better events

    No other event networking app even comes close to proving you and your partners the type of value Contap Social does! Get a demo today!

Contap Social puts everything you need, all in one place!

Want an event app that's useful at and in-between events? You've found it! With Contap Social, your attendees will have a seamless check-in experience, access relevant event and sponsor information & network with ease.

Then, when the event's over, they'll still have a great networking app they can use before they attend your next event. You'll look like a rock star & your attendees will have a great networking—and event—app that they can use every day.

  • Pro networking
  • Custom sharing
  • Easy follow ups

Contap Social makes it easy

With Contap Social, you can network like a pro. You can easily find & attend relevant local events, share as much or as little contact info with anyone at any time, and build strong relationships based on mutual interests & goals. You'll have a powerful networking tool that will save you time & make staying in touch effortless.

Contap Social allows to you customize what you share with anyone. Simply tap on the info you'd like to share to send it instantaneously to another Contap user. You can even email or text this info to someone if they don't have Contap. You'll never have to worry about carrying & exchanging business cards again.

Following-up is often the hardest part of networking. Contap Social can send pre-written follow-up emails, create calendar invites & setup reminders for you to make your follow up game seamless.

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Contap Premium

Event Partners Earn Money! Our event partners who sign a two-year agreement to host with us earn a portion of the premium upgrades from their attendees. A win-win for everyone.

Contap Premium

  • Integration with 30 CRMs
  • Make Unlimited Introductions
  • Take Unlimited Notes
  • Send Unlimited Follow Ups
  • Auto-Save Contacts to Device



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Contap Premium

  • Integration with 30 CRMs
  • Make Unlimited Introductions
  • Take Unlimited Notes
  • Send Unlimited Follow Ups
  • Auto-Save Contacts to Device



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