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New User: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to most common questions we recieve. Can't find an answer? Email us!

Key Questions

  • What is a Contap?

    We refer to a Contap as someone that you have connected to on Contap. They'll show up on the People tab (bottom left), and you can access all the info they sent to you right from their profile. You can also swipe from Right-to-Left from the list of Contaps to reveal shortcuts to call/text/email them!

  • How does the radar connection work?

    Users simply toggle themselves discoverable (default), and then tap to connect from the center tab. The nearby person or people will show up on the radar, or list view depending on how you'd like to see them. You can simply tap on their icon to begin the process of sharing with them.

  • Do I share all my info every time?

    Absolutely not! The beauty of Contap is that you share only what you want to each contact. You can always share more information or less information later. You're in complete control.

  • What's the benefit of using Contap?

    We save you time and effort when connecting with new people and sharing the information that matters. The people you meet in life and travels are unique and diverse, and what you share with them should reflect your actual relationship. We take care of the hard part so you can get back to building relationships.

  • Is Contap free? How do you make money?

    Contap's standard version is free. In fact, most of Contap is free. We have a Premium upgrade available for professionals and people who network often and would like to send their new Contaps to their CRM, take notes, make introductions, access guest lists longer, and save their Contaps to their phone.

My Information

  • How do I edit my bio/profile?

    Tap the Profile tab (bottom right), then select "Edit My Profile” near the top profile image. From here you can edit your account information, bio, interests, profile picture, education, and position.

  • How do I edit my social profiles?

    Tap "Edit Details" in your profile, then tap on any icon to add/edit/or delete it. You can have multiple accounts for any category.

  • How do I edit documents?

    It's simple to add/edit documents. Tap "Edit Details" from your profile, then locate and tap the documents icon. It’s in the middle row, all the way to the left. Choose between your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Log in to your account and select the documents you want Contap to keep on file to share.

  • How do I edit my interests?

    It's simple to add/edit interests. Tap "Edit My Profile" from your profile. Then, scroll down to the interest section and tap "edit." We've got some pre-filled interests to make it easy on you, but you can also manually enter your personal or professional interests.

Sharing with People

  • What information can my Contaps view?

    The icons that you personally tap and select while sharing are the only pieces of information that your new friends will have access to on Contap.

  • Can I edit my shared details?

    Absolutely! That's the beauty of Contap. At any time, you can go into your profile and tap "Share My Details." Then, select or limit what you're sharing for complete customization every single time.

  • How do I stop sharing with someone?

    Go to your People tab (bottom left tab), and from their profile, tap the (...) button at top right. This will display a list of options. Select the option, "Stop Sharing." This will stop that person from being able to access your information on Contap. They will also be removed from your People List.

  • I stopped sharing, are we still friends on Socials?

    Yes. If you connected with a person on Contap, and friended them on any social platform, you will remain friends with them on that platform until you delete them from within that specific platform. When you stop sharing on Contap, we remove their access to your contact information, websites, documents, and direct access to social media profiles.

  • Can I filter the people I've met?

    Yes. From the People tab (bottom left tab), simply tap on the top left "filter" icon. You can then filter by a combination of connection date, location, or specific keywords in their bio/interests, etc. You can also "clear" your filter to see all your Contaps again.

  • Can I save my Contaps to my phone?

    Yes, and this is a feature of the Contap Premium membership! Go to your People tab (bottom left tab), and from their profile, tap the (...) button at top right. This will display a list of options. Select the option "Save as a Contact" and they'll be saved to your device. Oh, and we'll save everything they've sent you: contact info, socials, when you met timestamp, and notes!

  • How do I introduce two Contaps?

    Yes, and this is a feature of the Contap Premium membership!. Select the first person you want to introduce by going to your People tab (bottom left tab), and from their profile, tap the (...) button at top right. This will display a list of options. Select the option "Introduce Contaps." Then select the person you want to introduce your friend to and advance. Customize the introduction with a few comments and send.

Connecting with People

  • How many ways can I connect with people?

    You can connect with people on Contap five different ways:
    1. Tap to connect on the radar view (or list view) with people nearby.
    2. Send people who don't have the app a One-Way Share.
    3. Search for people through Contap's omni-search feature.
    4. Friend people who are attending the same event as you through the events tab.
    5. You can be introduced to other people from mutual friends.

  • How do I make myself discoverable?

    You can make yourself discoverable or undiscoverable anytime by using the toggle at the top right of the Contap tab (middle bottom). Simply toggle "on" to enable people to add you, and "off" to remain private.

  • How do I send a One-Way share?

    From the middle bottom tab, tap the paper airplane icon. Simply type in your new contact's name, choose what you want to share, and then enter either their cell phone number or email to send your information to them.

  • Can I take notes on Contaps?

    Yes. This a feature for Contap Premium members. Go to your People tab (bottom left), and from a contact’s profile, tap on the the notes tab in their profile (third tab). This will show you a list of existing notes and a button to add a new note.

Contap Events

  • How do I find events?

    The calendar icon on the top left of the center tab is our calendar feature. Once tapped, you'll see the events lobby with a list of all the events on Contap. You can search for events by name or filter events by proximity to you, event date, or keywords.

  • How do I join an event?

    If an event is private, you can join it by typing in the passcode which was sent to you (if applicable), or by clicking the link which was sent to you by email from your event organizer. That link will take you directly into the event and mark you as "Joined."

  • How do I connect with people at Events?

    Anyone inside the event will appear in the "Guests" tab. Tap on anyone to begin selecting what you want to share with them. This will send them a friend request.

  • Having trouble joining an event?

    If an event is public, anyone can join the event. However, if an event is private, you will need the event passcode or click the link in your email to be re-directed into the event as a guest.

  • When can I access the guest list?

    Once you join an event, you'll be able to access the guest list immediately and friend someone on Contap from the "Guest" tab on events. The guest list stays open after the event, so you'll never miss a connection again.