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Jason Craparo, Contap CEO
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America’s premier face-to-face networking organization. Recurring networking events in cool venues across 120 cities for over 6 million business owners and career-minded professionals.


Contap has partnered with Network After Work, the #1 Networking company in the world, to bring our users access to thousands of amazing networking events each year! Network After Work is the best place to meet new people, build your network, and grow your business. Network After Work is on the cutting edge of all things networking, and have a proven track record of deliverying the highest quality events, at the coolest venues, and driving face-to-face relationships!

Get Started with Network After Work!

Follow the instructions below to ensure you get the most out of your Networking experience!

Get in the action using the following steps:

  1. Go to NetworkAfterWork.com and get a ticket to an event near you.
  2. Download the Contap Social App and setup your profile with the items you'll want to share at events.
  3. Join the event on Contap Social by searching for the event or using the confirmation email link.
  4. Begin networking at the event, and keep Contap to network around town with people you meet!

Event Features

Contap has worked closely with Network After Work to ensure every touchpoint is well thought out and that your networking experience is seamless. If you have any feature requests, questions, or comments, please contact Contap support!

Features you can expect on Contap Events:

  1. Full details of the event, including special instructions.
  2. Step-by-step directions to the event.
  3. Networking before, during, and after the event.
  4. Custom sharing with new contacts.
  5. Pre-scripted follow up emails!
  6. Make Introductions between two contacts.
  7. Give new contacts compliments.
  8. Take notes on new contacts.
  9. Set reminders to follow up with new contacts.
  10. Get recommended to interesting people nearby.
  11. One-Way Share, send informationt people even if they don't have Contap.
  12. Engagement with Network After Work sponsors.
  13. Preview of the Host information.
  14. Access and updates to other great networking events.
  15. Live Push Notifications from the Host and Sponsor.
  16. A ton of FUN, so get started today!

Use Contap Social at all Network After Work events!

We've teamed up with Contap Social to enhance your networking before, during, and after the events. Can't make the event? No problem, network and build relationships from the comfort of your home.

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